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Weddings are one of those beautiful moments where you witness the serene beauty of love.

I am a wedding Photographer

Binny Longmei

I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer all my adult life.

Since childhood i am enchanted by the beauty of nature. I have always wondered if i could freeze those beauty forever.


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Tammi & Dennis

Tammi & Dennis

Rani & Adeep

Rani & Adeep

Sarju & Jenne

Sarju & Adeep

Dinesh & Abinash

Dinesh & Abinash

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I am nature lover and binny has some great talent in portraying the best in it. He knows his work and has the eyes of the eagle for it. A true artist, passionate and one of the most down to earth artist i know. I believe he is made for what he does and has a great future ahead. I would always love to work with him in future. All the very best!!

A true artist, a professional who would not compromise with the quality

of his art, yet a warm friendly person whose promises come from the

heart, Binny will go a long way in his journey as professional



Lecturer in  Delhi University

You work with elegance and compassion, which sure bring out the real beauty. Your work is realistic, knows which angle will bring out the best result. Working with you has been one of the best thing, you go along with a person very well which is really important in ones profession. Keep the good work going on!
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